EconoCon XV! Who knew that something so geeky could catch on for not one, not two, not three but now on it’s 15th Annual convention! At the closing ceremonies of EconoCon XIV – the theme for EconoCon XV was announced to be JUSTICE LEAGUE OF NH.

We will be encouraging game master’s and con goer’s alike to dress up, feature games, and suggest prizes all themed around their favorite super heroes or super villains (or ones of your own design)!

More information will be available soon, but feel free to e-mail me (Jamie, ConChair) at if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!


Update as of May 19th, 2011

Dates for EconoCon XV – April 14th & 15th, 2012

Can’t wait to see y’all there!


Update as of October 29th, 2011

Game Master Registration

WHEW! It’s been a long summer (and some Fall) of prepping and planning! But it is now once more time for Game Master registration! The link to (our preference for registration) is now up. We’re trying to move away from paper, to save the Earth, and headaches of organizing them! 😀

This SHOULD work for people who don’t have OrgSync, and we have tested it. If you have any issues, contact me at as quickly as possible. THANKS!

Thank you for your patience, support, and love for gaming!

EconoCon Chair