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The Rant 11/16/16

Hey everybody,

I’ve managed to wrestle control of our gmail account back from Sombra and I’m here to give you the weekly rant. Here’s what’s happening this week:

  • This Thursday 11/17 Stel is running an assortment of Mario Party games. Also during business we will be accepting nominations for council members for next semester. If you would like to run or know someone who would make a good council member please nominate them when we ask.
  • This Saturday 11/19 is our trip to Funspot. For those going please be at the HUB at 6:15 at the latest so that we can leave asap. Please make sure you bring money to pay for your own tokens.

And here’s the announcements from the leadership for this week:

  • We still need art for Game-on-Icon! Please work on it during Thanksgiving break and submit it ASAP.

That’s it! See you all at club!

~David Thrumston



The Rant! 11/9/2016

*~~~Starting Transmission~~~*

Wow that was almost to easy. Hello gaming club people, this is hacker extraordinaire Sombra here with some rather interesting news. I’ve taken a peak at your leaders top secret files (the password to their network is 1235 by the way 😉 ) and they have some…interesting things planned for you all that you might not know about. Here’s what I found:

  • this Thursday is something called "monthly game night." Looks like some kind of secret plan to force college students to play games all night.
  • this coming Saturday your so called Vice President Christian Burns is putting some kind of secret plan into action to turn a select few of you into mutant freaks, who knows what he plans to do with these newly minted heros/villians?

I also found some secret files hidden deep in their server. You deserve to know:

  • It seems they plan to bring a large number of you to some remote location called "FunSpot" on Saturday November 19th. The Buses they plan to use for transport will be leaving from the HUB at 6:45pm so please meet at the HUB at 6:15pm. They plan to stay at FunSpot from 7:00pm to 10:00pm after which they will return to Plymouth.
  • This Sunday they are running a charity event called Gaming For Charity in order to support Child’s Play. It will be run in the HUB from 12:00 pm to 6:00pm. They request you all show up to show your support and to have some fun for charity.
  • It seems they have planned some sort of celebration for your last meeting of the year on Thursday December 8th. During this holiday party they will be running something called a Yankee swap. Those who wish to participate are asked to bring a gift that costs no more than $10. The gift may not be anything phallic, may not be drug or alcohol related, and can not break any laws or rules of PSU. They also request that gifts are not to over complicated. No huge scavenger hunts please!
  • Finally they are trying to recruit several of their members to create pieces of artwork for their top secret convention Game-on-icon. The theme they are planning is Marvel vs DC, if anyone is interesting in creating some art for the convention please speak to an officer and / or submit it ASAP.

That’s all I found, hopefully you can use put this information to good use.


*~~~End Transmission~~~*

The Rant! Wednesday 11/2/16


I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I apologize for the lack of a rant last week, a ghost spooked the Google mail servers and the rant got bounced back. Anyways here are the events going on this week:

  • On Thursday we have a Magic the Gather draft being run by President Tristan.
  • On Saturday we have the ever popular JackBox Party Pack Games being run by myself. Keep an eye out as there are rumors that the number 3 has been floating around somewhere

And as usual here are the announcements from your benevolent overlords:

  • We need art for Game-on-icon! The Theme this year is Marvel vs DC and we want those of you with art skills (and those without art skills) to send in the best art your can make! We will vote to see who’s art we will use during the Thursday meeting before our Holiday party in December (exact date to be announced)
  • Just a reminder that our trip to Fun Spot is coming up on Saturday the 19th. Please stay tuned for more announcements about it.
  • Coming up on Sunday the 13th is Gaming For Charity. It will be held in the HUB from 12pm to 6pm. Please come to support Child’s Play!

HvZ Fall 2016 information as well as The Rant 10/12/16

Hey Everybody!

If you are interested in Humans Vs Zombies there is a mandatory meeting Thursday October 12th (Tomorrow!) at 8:00pm in room 109 in the HUB. Please be there, we can’t register you to play otherwise.

For the rest of you welcome to another spooktacular week of gaming club, I hope you like Cliche horror movies because we have some really interesting stuff for you this week.

  • This Thursday we have the video game Until Dawn being presented by Christian, This game is a great satire of cliche slasher films and is a really entertaining game to experience.
  • This Saturday we have Zombie game modes in both the Halo and Call of Duty franchises with Stel and Sebastian.

The only reminder I have for you all tonight is that sometime next month we are planning a trip to Funspot, the world’s largest arcade. If you have interest in going on this trip please let us know! Have a great week everyone!

~David Thrumston


The Rant 10/5/16

Hey Everyone, welcome to another week of Gaming Club!

It’s officially October and that means it’s time to get spooky! This week were going to start it off nice and easy with some fun games and videos:

  • On Thursday Either Matt will be running Werewolf or we will be showcasing some brand new games we just acquired for the club!
  • On Saturday we will be showing the classic scary TV shows Are you afraid of the dark and Goosebumps!

We have a lot of really fun things coming up this month and in order to prepare for that your local evil overlords would like to say the following:

  • HvZ is coming up the week after next and we are going to need volunteers to table for it. The tabling dates are the following: Wednesday 10/12 and Thursday 10/13 from 11:00am to 3:00pm. More on that during business on Thursday.
  • Our annual Halloween Party is coming up on Saturday the 29th. If anyone would like to request or suggest a game or event for it please speak to one of the officers or council members. You can also submit it in our answer form found here.

This month is going to be a lot of fun, I hope you are all looking forward to it!

Have a great week!

David Thrumston


The Rant 9/28/2016

Greetings Ghouls and Girls!….what? to soon?

With October starting this Saturday we have a big line up of spooky stuff lined up for you guys, but before we get to that we have some really neat stuff coming this week:

  • First up we have our first monthly game night tomorrow night! We are working together with PACE to host a huge game night featuring some of your favorite games. We’ll have everything from The Jack Box Party Pack games to Cards against Humanity and Werewolf. Did I mention the free snacks?
  • This Saturday Is Anime Fun with Seabass, if you like anime and want to watch some episode, discuss your favorite manga, or just generally geek out about all things Japanese animation this is the event for you!
  • Another huge announcement this week is the grand opening of Shield Comic’s location here in Plymouth. You can find the shop down on main street by Biederman’s, just look for the blue sign with the Captain America shield on it! This weekend the store will be offering holding a grand opening sale were you can get 10% off for showing your student ID.

That’s all for events this week, on to your regularly scheduled announcements:

  • Humans VS Zombies is coming up the week of October 10th and we need people to table for it! We will be making an announcement about it during business on Thursday.
  • We are going to be buying new games for the club soon, if you have any requests either bring it up with one of us or submit the form on Facebook.

That’s about it! I hope you all have a good week. See you at club!

David Thrumston


The Rant 9/21/16

Hey Everyone!

I hope your looking forward to another awesome week of club. here is what you can look forward to this week:

  • Johnny will be running a Warhammer 40k mega battle Thursday night. It will be a 1500 points per person with the imperium facing the Xenos. If your interested please show up early or on time so that you have plenty of time for set up.
  • Kyle Burk will be running a Magic the Gathering draft Thursday night. It will cost $11 for three packs. For more information contact Kyle at kgb1013.
  • this Saturday will be first person shooter night with games like Halo, Call of duty, and borderlands.
  • also this Saturday is the Harvest Festival here at Plymouth. It’s happening outside the All Well North center from 11am-2pm and We’ll be there running a Pokemon theme knock em down Game.

Next up here are some announcements from your Benevolent Overlords:

  • We need to gather some information so that we all can get access to the excellent Student Org Space. When we put out the form tomorrow after business please come up and fill it out.
  • HvZ is coming soon and we need people to table for it! If your interested please speak to one of the core officers asap.
  • Next Thursday is monthly game night sponsored by PACE. Were going to have a lot of really fun things going on so please look forward to it.

See you all at club!

David Thrumston


The Rant 9/14/16

Hey Everyone!

Our first week was a huge success and were looking forward to another great week! Here’s a sneak peak at some of the things coming up this week:

  • Thursday 9/15 (Tomorrow!): Rock band with Matt
  • Saturday 9/17: Kirby: Return to Dreamland with Stel

Moving on to more official business here are some announcements from your benevolent overlords:

  • Starting tomorrow you can now pay your dues for either this semester or this year. It costs $5 for a semester and $7 for the rest of the year. Payed members get access to our awesome cage, discounts at certain game store, and more!
  • Were looking to organize trips to Fun Spot and an Escape room sometime in the coming months, if either of these seem like something you would be interested in going to let us know during the meeting tomorrow.
  • Humans Vs Zombies is coming soon! Prepare you Nerf Blasters and Anti-zombie spray because the virus is going to start spreading the week of October 10th!
  • Do you know how to fold paper cranes? Do you not know how to fold paper cranes but want to learn how to? Kathy Tardif from Campus Ministries is doing an Origami cranes event on the 21st, more info during business on Thursday.

That’s all for today, see you all at club tomorrow!

~David Thrumston


Rant Addendum

Sorry Everyone, I forgot to mention our meeting times in The Rant earlier. In case anyone didn’t know or forgot we meet from 7:00pm to midnight on Thursdays and Saturdays in the Student Senate Room (next to the print shop) and room 109 in the HUB.

Also we now have a like page on Facebook! If you want to like it and receive updates on all the cool stuff going on each week you can find it here:

See you all tomorrow!

David Thrumston


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