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April 2017

The Rant! 4/26/17

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to the weekly rant! I’ve got a pretty short one for you this week. Here’s the events for this week:

  • ยท Thursday April 27th Freddy Fish with Paul Carey
  • Saturday April 29th Dominant Species with Tristan

On to the announcements:

  • This week we will be holding nominations for the council for next semester. Please be ready with your nominations for
  • Next Wednesday we will be holding a bake sale fund raiser in the HUB. If you want to help cook items to sell talk to an officer ASAP!

That’s it! See you at club!

~David Thrumston



The Rant! 4/19/17

Hey Everybody!

Welcome back to the weekly rant. This week we have some very exciting events going on, mainly our much anticipated trip to FunSpot this Saturday. Just as a reminder we will NOT be having a normal club meeting on Saturday. The trip will replace that meeting, so please don’t show up to the HUB Saturday evening and be disappointed when nobody is there. Here are the other events happening in the next few weeks:

  • This Thursday will be classic Nintendo games night! We will be busting out our Nintendo 64 and a bunch of classics for everyone to play. Games like Banjo Kazooie, Mario Kart 64 and more will be available to play.
  • As Stated above the FunSpot trip is this Saturday. We will be leaving from the HUB at 4:30pm, but please try to be there at 4:00pm to ensure you get a spot on the bus. Spots on the buses are first come first serve and if you miss the buses you will have to arrange for some other form of transport. We plan to return to Plymouth by 11:00pm at the latest.
  • Next Thursday Paul Carey will be showcasing the Freddy Fish Games
  • Next Saturday Tristan will be running a few games of Dominant Species.

And here are the announcements:

  • We will be holding a bake sale fundraiser on the first week of May. If you wish to contribute speak to an officer.
  • We will be holding nominations and elections for the council in the next few weeks. Please think about if you would like to run or if there is anyone you want to nominate.

That’s all for this week! See you all at club!

David Thrumston


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Rant 4/12/17 Addendum

Hey everyone,

Sorry about the extra email, I forgot to add something pretty important to this weeks rant.

For those of you who haven’t heard we now have an official PSU Gaming Club Discord channel. Discord is a voice and text chat service that allows people to chat while playing games. We will be using our channel as a general media platform for club members to find groups to play with, chat about games and other topics, and as an additional avenue for announcements to be made. If you would don’t have Discord but would like to join the discussion you can download Discord here:

Once you have Discord you can join our channel here: Feel free to jump into the chat and say hello!

That’s all for now. See you all at club!

~David Thrumston


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The Rant! 4/12/16


Welcome back to the weekly Rant! I hope those of you who attended had a great time at Game-On-Icon. In the aftermath of the con we are going to have a bunch more events coming back to back in the coming weeks. Here’s whats coming up:

  • First of all if you want to give feedback about Game-On-Icon you can access the feedback form here: . If you have something to say we urge you to let us know. The more you give us feedback the more we can improve the con for next year!
  • Next Saturday, April 22, we are holding our trip to Funspot! We are leaving Plymouth at 4:00pm and returning around 11:00pm. We have room for roughly 20 passengers so space is definitely limited. Sign ups will be happening at club tomorrow.
  • On the first week of may we will be holding a bake sale fundraiser to support the club. If you are interested in helping bake fun things to sell contact an officer.
  • Nominations and Elections for council members will be happening soon so start thinking of people you would like to nominate or if you would like to run yourself!

Here is a peek at the events being run in club over the next few meetings:

  • Tomorrow I will be running a co-op games night. Expect games like Ultimate Chicken Horse, Move or Die, Risk of Rain, snipperclips and more!
  • This Saturday Matt and Stel will be running a Mario Party night. HIDE YOUR FRIENDSHIPS!
  • Next Thursday Christian, Paul Carey, and company will be running a classic Nintendo night. Nostalgia! Nostalgia everywhere!
  • Next Saturday is the day of the Funspot trip so we will not be holding a normal meeting that night.

That’s all for now folks! See you at club!

David Thrumston


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The Rant! 4/5/17

Hey Everybody,

Welcome back to the weekly Rant. Our big piece of news tonight is that Game-On-Icon is happening this weekend. The con will be running Saturday from 8am to midnight and Sunday from 8am to 5pm. It cost $5 for one days worth of admission and $7 for the full weekend. It’s going to be a great weekend of games, tournaments, and prizes.

Here’s what else is happening this week:

  • Stel will be running a Mario Kart night tomorrow at club.
  • We will be helping run an event that teachers people how to fold paper cranes. More details during business.

On to the announcements:

  • Unfortunately due to time constrains and weather Humans Vs Zombies will not be run this semester. It will resume as usual in the fall.
  • We will be organizing another trip to FunSpot on Saturday April 22nd. Transportation to the arcade is free but you will have to buy your own food and tickets. We plan to leave Plymouth around 4-4:30pm and return around 10:30pm. More details during business.
  • We will be doing a bake sale fundraiser sometime in the next few weeks. If you have any interest in helping us out let a member of leadership know.

That’s all for today. See you all at club and Game-On-Icon!

~David Thrumston


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Hey Everyone,

Game-On-Icon is this weekend and we have a desperate need of volunteers to help run the con.We need volunteers for the following:

  • Set up this Friday night at 6:30pm
  • Tabling and room watching
  • registration
  • raffle running
  • clean up after the con closes Sunday evening

Remember, if you volunteer for at least two hours (although we would definitely appreciate more) then you get into the entire con for free. If you don’t feel like spending $5-7 than this is a great opportunity to save some money for relatively little work. If you want to volunteer email Gabby at gmdavis with the times you will be available and what you would like to help with as well as a phone number to contact you at. Thanks and see you at the con!


David Thrumston.


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