Hey Everybody!

I’m going to keep this short and to the point this week, here are this week’s events:

  • Tomorrow, Thursday 3/30: Stel will be running both Mafia and Secret Hitler
  • Saturday 4/1: We’ll be running an secret amazing game!

Here are the announcements:

  • Game-On-Icon is happening next Saturday and Sunday and we need volunteers! We’ll be passing around a sign-up sheet tomorrow if you want to help run the con, if you volunteer for at least two hours you can get in for free!
  • Our next FunSpot trip is happening April 22nd. Transportation is free but you will have to pay for your own tokens when we get there. Sign up sheets will be going around during the next few meetings.
  • Humans Vs Zombies is (weather permitting) going to be happening again towards the end of April. More detail to come.

That’s it for this rant! See you all at club!

~David Thrumston