Hey everyone!

Hope you all had an awesome week, lets get started with the weekly announcements:

  • Nominations (and possibly elections) will be held tonight for the core officer positions. This includes President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Event Chair. If you are a paid member please try to be present at tonight’s meeting so that you can vote!
  • Game-On-Icon is coming up very soon and Gabby could really use some help in the final stages of preparation. If you are interested in joining her committee then please see her after business tonight.

Here’s what is happening over the next few weeks:

  • Tonight Stel will be running the game Battleblock Theater! This wacky action platformer is incredibly fun with a few friends, I highly recommend trying it out.Disclaimer: The PSU Gaming Club is not responsible for any broken or lost friendships that may result from the playing of any games during club meeting times.
  • This Saturday Seabass will be showcasing a suite of old flash games that we dug up from the depths of the ancient internet. Get ready for some good old nostalgic fun!
  • Next Thursday (March 9th) Paul Carey will be running a little game called Freddi Fish. If you don’t know what this game is I think your in for an….entertaining surprise.
  • Next Saturday (March 11th) Were are looking at the possibilities of running an Age of Empires 2 night. This will only really happen if there is enough interest in this event from you guys, so show your support!

That’s all for this rant! See you all at club.

~David Thrumston