Hey everyone,

Hope you all had a good week. Let’s cut right to the chase, here are the announcements:

  • We will beginning the election process for the next semester next week with nominations for president, vice president, and the events chair next Thursday. More details during business Tomorrow.
  • The department of environmental sustainability is hosting a movie night at the Flying Monkey on March 7th. Look forward to that for a night of fun and movies!
  • This Saturday PAW and gaming club will be working together to put on a big game night in the Hage room. It will be running alongside our normal club meeting.
  • The Pokemon league that myself and vice president Christian are going to be running will be starting very soon. More details during business tomorrow. If you have interest in playing please be at club tomorrow night!
  • We are still looking for some members to form a committee for Game-On-Icon this year. If you feel like volunteering please speak to Gabby.

Here’s what events are happening this week:

  • Tomorrow night Matt will be running Werewolf for everyone. This game is always a club favorite and will surely lead to some crazy shenanigans.
  • This Saturday I will be running a game called Oxenfree. Oxenfree is a spooky, choice based adventure game where everything you do helps decide who lives and who dies, I’ll be letting the entire club decide what choices I make. If you liked watching Until Dawn last semester you’ll love this!

That’s it for this rant! See you all at club!

~David Thrumston