Hello Hello Hello!

We only have one meeting this week so enjoy your game time while you can before finals!

The only thing going on this week is our Annual Holiday Party on this Thursday 12/8/16. We will not be meeting this Saturday 12/10/16 or any time next week. REPEAT: WE WILL NOT BE MEETING THIS SATURDAY OR NEXT WEEK.

Holiday Party:

  • During the party we will be hosting a Yankee Gift Swap. In order to participate you must bring a gift. Please do not bring any gifts are illegal, break any of the rules of PSU, or are NSFW in any nature. No Drugs, Alcohol, or phallic objects. Please do not bring any extremely overly complicated gifts or scavenger hunts.

Here is a lot of announcements:

  • We still need art for Game-on-icon. Please submit art ASAP. We need this stuff yesterday.
  • We are going to have GM forms available for Game-on-icon soon. Please be ready to sign up for any events you wish to run.

See you all at club and good luck with finals!

David Thrumston