Hey guys welcome back!

A quick note before I get into this weeks rant: We will NOT have the Student Senate room this Thursday (12/1/16) due to a budget meeting going on, please meet in room 109.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving break. We only have three meetings between now and finals so were going to cram in as much excitement as possible. Here is what you can expect:

  • This Thursday we will be holding nominations for council members for the next semester. Please show up and vote so that we can move on to the other things we have planned for this month!
  • This Saturday we will be running the ever popular Jackbox Party Pack games.
  • Finally next Thursday (12/8/16) we will be hosting our annual Holiday party. More on that below.

Holiday Party:

  • Before the party begins we will be holding our final elections for council members next semester.
  • During the party there will be a Yankee gift swap. there is a $10 maximum on all gifts. Please do not buy anything that is not safe for work or that violates any laws or PSU regulations. If you do not bring a gift you will not be able to participate in the swap. Also please try to avoid overly complicated gifts and scavenger hunts.

Finally here are some general announcements:

  • We still need art for Game-on-icon. Please submit art ASAP.

That’s all for this weeks rant! See you all at club!

~David Thrumston