*~~~Starting Transmission~~~*

Wow that was almost to easy. Hello gaming club people, this is hacker extraordinaire Sombra here with some rather interesting news. I’ve taken a peak at your leaders top secret files (the password to their network is 1235 by the way 😉 ) and they have some…interesting things planned for you all that you might not know about. Here’s what I found:

  • this Thursday is something called "monthly game night." Looks like some kind of secret plan to force college students to play games all night.
  • this coming Saturday your so called Vice President Christian Burns is putting some kind of secret plan into action to turn a select few of you into mutant freaks, who knows what he plans to do with these newly minted heros/villians?

I also found some secret files hidden deep in their server. You deserve to know:

  • It seems they plan to bring a large number of you to some remote location called "FunSpot" on Saturday November 19th. The Buses they plan to use for transport will be leaving from the HUB at 6:45pm so please meet at the HUB at 6:15pm. They plan to stay at FunSpot from 7:00pm to 10:00pm after which they will return to Plymouth.
  • This Sunday they are running a charity event called Gaming For Charity in order to support Child’s Play. It will be run in the HUB from 12:00 pm to 6:00pm. They request you all show up to show your support and to have some fun for charity.
  • It seems they have planned some sort of celebration for your last meeting of the year on Thursday December 8th. During this holiday party they will be running something called a Yankee swap. Those who wish to participate are asked to bring a gift that costs no more than $10. The gift may not be anything phallic, may not be drug or alcohol related, and can not break any laws or rules of PSU. They also request that gifts are not to over complicated. No huge scavenger hunts please!
  • Finally they are trying to recruit several of their members to create pieces of artwork for their top secret convention Game-on-icon. The theme they are planning is Marvel vs DC, if anyone is interesting in creating some art for the convention please speak to an officer and / or submit it ASAP.

That’s all I found, hopefully you can use put this information to good use.


*~~~End Transmission~~~*