Hey Everyone!

I hope your looking forward to another awesome week of club. here is what you can look forward to this week:

  • Johnny will be running a Warhammer 40k mega battle Thursday night. It will be a 1500 points per person with the imperium facing the Xenos. If your interested please show up early or on time so that you have plenty of time for set up.
  • Kyle Burk will be running a Magic the Gathering draft Thursday night. It will cost $11 for three packs. For more information contact Kyle at kgb1013.
  • this Saturday will be first person shooter night with games like Halo, Call of duty, and borderlands.
  • also this Saturday is the Harvest Festival here at Plymouth. It’s happening outside the All Well North center from 11am-2pm and We’ll be there running a Pokemon theme knock em down Game.

Next up here are some announcements from your Benevolent Overlords:

  • We need to gather some information so that we all can get access to the excellent Student Org Space. When we put out the form tomorrow after business please come up and fill it out.
  • HvZ is coming soon and we need people to table for it! If your interested please speak to one of the core officers asap.
  • Next Thursday is monthly game night sponsored by PACE. Were going to have a lot of really fun things going on so please look forward to it.

See you all at club!

David Thrumston