Hey Everyone!

Our first week was a huge success and were looking forward to another great week! Here’s a sneak peak at some of the things coming up this week:

  • Thursday 9/15 (Tomorrow!): Rock band with Matt
  • Saturday 9/17: Kirby: Return to Dreamland with Stel

Moving on to more official business here are some announcements from your benevolent overlords:

  • Starting tomorrow you can now pay your dues for either this semester or this year. It costs $5 for a semester and $7 for the rest of the year. Payed members get access to our awesome cage, discounts at certain game store, and more!
  • Were looking to organize trips to Fun Spot and an Escape room sometime in the coming months, if either of these seem like something you would be interested in going to let us know during the meeting tomorrow.
  • Humans Vs Zombies is coming soon! Prepare you Nerf Blasters and Anti-zombie spray because the virus is going to start spreading the week of October 10th!
  • Do you know how to fold paper cranes? Do you not know how to fold paper cranes but want to learn how to? Kathy Tardif from Campus Ministries is doing an Origami cranes event on the 21st, more info during business on Thursday.

That’s all for today, see you all at club tomorrow!

~David Thrumston