Hello everybody!

Tomorrow night, we will be holding nominations for chair positions! Please come prepared so we can get to the fun stuff as quickly as possible.

Also on Thursday is an HvZ mission! Have fun, shoot many zombies, perhaps become many zombies. Fun, fun, fun!

This Saturday is our Gaming for Charity event! It will run from 10:00am-10:00pm and it should be very enjoyable. We’ll have some Super Smash Bros tournaments as well as a Magic: the Gathering draft. We need participants, so do not be shy. Open gaming will be held for the duration of the event.
(If you signed up to table for this tomorrow or Friday, you had best be there or we will be very sad.)

Next Thursday will be retro/gamecube games night hosted by Stel and/or Shane! Do you like GameCube? You should.

The following Saturday, Matt will be testing a board game of his own devising. He will need players to help out with this. If you’ve never tested a game before, it’s probably one of the most fun things you can do with a board game.

Have fun and try not to succumb to the zombie horde!

Tristan Ness