Hi everyone,

There’s a lot of cool stuff coming up, so there’s a lot to talk about this time!

This Thursday we have terrain-building with Ethan. This is perfect for any of you who play tabletop minis games that want to learn how to make your own battlefields. Even if you don’t play, arts an crafts style things are always fun! Definitely check that out.

Saturday is Sanic Ball with Shane. I don’t know what it is and I can’t be bothered to look it up, but it sounds like memes. If there’s one thing I know you like, it’s memes. The gates of Hell have opened. There is no turning back.

Scheduled for next Thursday, we have the Ragnarök—I mean Civ V. If you’ve ever wanted to exercise your right to attempt world domination without the United Nations breathing heavily down your neck (don’t lie to me I know you want to), then this is the game for you! Like, seriously. It’s fun. A lot of fun. It’s also chaos, but the good kind of chaos.

Now it’s time for the big stuff!

You know how Game-on-Icon is happening in about a week? We need TVs. If you have a TV you wouldn’t mind lending it to us or you can procure a TV whose owner wouldn’t mind lending it to us, you are encouraged to make us aware of this fact. We do need a non-zero number of CRT TVs as well, so those are at the top of our preferences.

Speaking of needing things, we also need copies of the following games:
-Super Smash Bros
-Skip Bo
-Chutes and Ladders
-Mario Kart

If you can help with providing copies of these games, please talk to David.

One last thing about Con. We will have paper copies of pre-registration forms at the meeting tomorrow for you to fill out. More on this at the meeting.

But WAIT, there’s mooooorrrrre!

HVZ will be happening from April 18th through April 22nd! Tabling will happen the week prior. Prepare yourselves.

And finally, Gaming for Charity is happening again this semester! We don’t have a date set in stone for this yet, but let it be known: It will happen (probably sometime around the end of April). We’ll have more information for you in the next week or so, so just sit tight until then.

That’s all. I promise. Nothing more for this week. For real. I’m tired. Good night.

Tristan Ness