Salut, mes amis!
(That’s "Hello" for all you non-francophones)

This is going to be a dense one, so bear with me.

First and foremost: Elections are happening tomorrow at the start of the meeting! Please be there! We need you to vote.

As a brief refresher, the candidates are as follows:
-President: Tristan
-Vice President: Stel, David T., Christian, and Seabass
-Treasurer: Matt
-Secretary: David T., Christian, Seabass, Matt, and Gabby

If we can all cooperate and communicate efficiently, hopefully we can have this done relatively quickly.

As many of you may know, Anime Boston is happening in a few days’ time. Those of you with cosplays you would like to finish up or make adjustments to are invited to bring them in and work with Rosie Legge, one of our past members (and a Costume Design major. She knows what she’s doing). She will be providing ONE sewing machine, sewing tools, basic patterns, acrylic paint, and her own knowledge and assistance.

That said, we invite you to bring in additional sewing machines. Also, we will NOT be providing fabrics. Those get rather expensive very quickly. This is intended as a workshop for those of you who need to finish up your cosplay, or need some help or guidance with something difficult.

Next Thursday, we will have a terrain-building workshop with Ethan. This is a great opportunity to learn how to put together fantastic battlegrounds for all your tabletop skirmishes. Even if you don’t play, feel free to stop by and exercise your right to be creative!

That’ll about wrap things up for this week!

See y’all at the meeting,

Tristan Ness