This week marks our last meeting before Spring Break! With that stated, there is no meeting on Saturday.

Tomorrow, which is Thursday, we have a Boffer-Making workshop hosted by John. For those of you who don’t know, these are what you hit people with in LARP (Live-Action Role Play). Make sword, have fun.

After the break, we have a couple nice treats lined up for you. Just in time for Anime Boston, we’ll be holding a cosplay workshop! Now, one important thing. Supplies, such as fabrics, will not be provided. We expect that those of you participating already have cosplays planned out and/or partially made, so we expect that you have some materials of your own to bring in. We can provide the machinery and gadgets, but buying fabric gets costly, especially for a large number of people.

There will also be a terrain-building workshop for all of you tabletop gamers. Ethan will be covering the basics of how to make your own terrain, which I imagine will be useful knowledge for those of you who do not know how. Even if you do know how it’s done, feel free to spend some time chatting and having fun.

With all that out of the way, we can get to some important housekeeping stuff. Nominations for the four core officer positions will be held at the start of tomorrow’s meeting. Chairs will happen sometime in the future. This shouldn’t take too long, provided we’re all cooperative and coordinated. The quicker we can get this out of the way, the quicker you get to have fun.

That about wraps this one up.

See y’all tomorrow evening,

Tristan Ness