[Sorry for the delay in getting this out. Last night's eMail failed. Thanks Google.]


This week at Gaming Club, our video game chair will be bringing out heaps of interesting games for you entertainment. No specifics. It’s a surprise!

On Saturday, we have another TCG tournament! This time around, it’s Yu-Gi-Oh!. We have yet to settle on whether this will be held online or with actual cards, so please bring your opinion with you if you are interested.

Next week, (yes, I can see the future) we have some fun activities prepared for Thursday. Your president, John, is holding a Boff Weapons workshop for those of you interested in games where you get to hit people for fun (and not get in trouble for it). This is fun, so you should do it.

There is no meeting the following Saturday. Spring Break is a thing that occurs, so most people will not be in Plymouth for a week starting Saturday. Needless to say, this also means club will not meet over the course of Spring Break. We will resume our normal schedule when break has ended.

Now, and this is important so listen well, we will be holding nominations for next year’s officer corps next thursday (not this one, the one after). Elections will occur before the end of the month. That said, make sure you are there.

End transmission.

Tristan Ness