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March 2016

The Rant

Hi everyone,

There’s a lot of cool stuff coming up, so there’s a lot to talk about this time!

This Thursday we have terrain-building with Ethan. This is perfect for any of you who play tabletop minis games that want to learn how to make your own battlefields. Even if you don’t play, arts an crafts style things are always fun! Definitely check that out.

Saturday is Sanic Ball with Shane. I don’t know what it is and I can’t be bothered to look it up, but it sounds like memes. If there’s one thing I know you like, it’s memes. The gates of Hell have opened. There is no turning back.

Scheduled for next Thursday, we have the Ragnarök—I mean Civ V. If you’ve ever wanted to exercise your right to attempt world domination without the United Nations breathing heavily down your neck (don’t lie to me I know you want to), then this is the game for you! Like, seriously. It’s fun. A lot of fun. It’s also chaos, but the good kind of chaos.

Now it’s time for the big stuff!

You know how Game-on-Icon is happening in about a week? We need TVs. If you have a TV you wouldn’t mind lending it to us or you can procure a TV whose owner wouldn’t mind lending it to us, you are encouraged to make us aware of this fact. We do need a non-zero number of CRT TVs as well, so those are at the top of our preferences.

Speaking of needing things, we also need copies of the following games:
-Super Smash Bros
-Skip Bo
-Chutes and Ladders
-Mario Kart

If you can help with providing copies of these games, please talk to David.

One last thing about Con. We will have paper copies of pre-registration forms at the meeting tomorrow for you to fill out. More on this at the meeting.

But WAIT, there’s mooooorrrrre!

HVZ will be happening from April 18th through April 22nd! Tabling will happen the week prior. Prepare yourselves.

And finally, Gaming for Charity is happening again this semester! We don’t have a date set in stone for this yet, but let it be known: It will happen (probably sometime around the end of April). We’ll have more information for you in the next week or so, so just sit tight until then.

That’s all. I promise. Nothing more for this week. For real. I’m tired. Good night.

Tristan Ness


The Rant

Salut, mes amis!
(That’s "Hello" for all you non-francophones)

This is going to be a dense one, so bear with me.

First and foremost: Elections are happening tomorrow at the start of the meeting! Please be there! We need you to vote.

As a brief refresher, the candidates are as follows:
-President: Tristan
-Vice President: Stel, David T., Christian, and Seabass
-Treasurer: Matt
-Secretary: David T., Christian, Seabass, Matt, and Gabby

If we can all cooperate and communicate efficiently, hopefully we can have this done relatively quickly.

As many of you may know, Anime Boston is happening in a few days’ time. Those of you with cosplays you would like to finish up or make adjustments to are invited to bring them in and work with Rosie Legge, one of our past members (and a Costume Design major. She knows what she’s doing). She will be providing ONE sewing machine, sewing tools, basic patterns, acrylic paint, and her own knowledge and assistance.

That said, we invite you to bring in additional sewing machines. Also, we will NOT be providing fabrics. Those get rather expensive very quickly. This is intended as a workshop for those of you who need to finish up your cosplay, or need some help or guidance with something difficult.

Next Thursday, we will have a terrain-building workshop with Ethan. This is a great opportunity to learn how to put together fantastic battlegrounds for all your tabletop skirmishes. Even if you don’t play, feel free to stop by and exercise your right to be creative!

That’ll about wrap things up for this week!

See y’all at the meeting,

Tristan Ness

The Rant


This week marks our last meeting before Spring Break! With that stated, there is no meeting on Saturday.

Tomorrow, which is Thursday, we have a Boffer-Making workshop hosted by John. For those of you who don’t know, these are what you hit people with in LARP (Live-Action Role Play). Make sword, have fun.

After the break, we have a couple nice treats lined up for you. Just in time for Anime Boston, we’ll be holding a cosplay workshop! Now, one important thing. Supplies, such as fabrics, will not be provided. We expect that those of you participating already have cosplays planned out and/or partially made, so we expect that you have some materials of your own to bring in. We can provide the machinery and gadgets, but buying fabric gets costly, especially for a large number of people.

There will also be a terrain-building workshop for all of you tabletop gamers. Ethan will be covering the basics of how to make your own terrain, which I imagine will be useful knowledge for those of you who do not know how. Even if you do know how it’s done, feel free to spend some time chatting and having fun.

With all that out of the way, we can get to some important housekeeping stuff. Nominations for the four core officer positions will be held at the start of tomorrow’s meeting. Chairs will happen sometime in the future. This shouldn’t take too long, provided we’re all cooperative and coordinated. The quicker we can get this out of the way, the quicker you get to have fun.

That about wraps this one up.

See y’all tomorrow evening,

Tristan Ness

The Rant

[Sorry for the delay in getting this out. Last night's eMail failed. Thanks Google.]


This week at Gaming Club, our video game chair will be bringing out heaps of interesting games for you entertainment. No specifics. It’s a surprise!

On Saturday, we have another TCG tournament! This time around, it’s Yu-Gi-Oh!. We have yet to settle on whether this will be held online or with actual cards, so please bring your opinion with you if you are interested.

Next week, (yes, I can see the future) we have some fun activities prepared for Thursday. Your president, John, is holding a Boff Weapons workshop for those of you interested in games where you get to hit people for fun (and not get in trouble for it). This is fun, so you should do it.

There is no meeting the following Saturday. Spring Break is a thing that occurs, so most people will not be in Plymouth for a week starting Saturday. Needless to say, this also means club will not meet over the course of Spring Break. We will resume our normal schedule when break has ended.

Now, and this is important so listen well, we will be holding nominations for next year’s officer corps next thursday (not this one, the one after). Elections will occur before the end of the month. That said, make sure you are there.

End transmission.

Tristan Ness

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