Hello everybody!

This week we’ve got a couple of nice things lined up for you! On Thursday, our Warmachine people will be setting up some basic games to teach to anyone who’s interested. If tabletop tactics is your thing, swing on by and have some fun!

This Saturday, we’ll finally be giving some time to all of the anime fans in Gaming Club. Details on this are forthcoming, but suffice it to say: the JCAC chair has some good fun planned for you.

On the topic of Game-On-i-Con: Anybody who wants to run an event will need to fill out a GM form. These can be conveniently located on the club’s WordPress (https://psugaming.wordpress.com/). We need events in order for the con to be as fun and exciting as possible, so please don’t be shy with your ideas!
Speaking of cons, Syndi-Con at UNH and Total Con in Massachusetts are both happening this Spring. We’ll let you know more as we get more information, but mark them down on your calendar. Go, have fun, and subtly (or not-so-subtly) direct people towards Plymouth for Game-On-i-Con.

Lastly, many of you might be familiar with Anime Boston. We’re putting some feelers out right now to guage interest in a group trip. If we have enough people interested, we might be able to make this a reality.

That’ll be all, for now!

Tristan Ness