The Last Rant

Well everyone, it’s that time again.

The dragons have been slain; the Lich king was defeated. The Wolven have been killed through mob justice. Camelot has been defended from Saxon and Seige Engine. Magic: The Gathering is no longer thick in the air. The zombies have eaten the last man standing. Even the warhammer armies are licking their wounds and planning their next assault.

Yes, it’s that time… the last week of Gaming Club.

And so, we will remember the good times the best way we can remember all things…

by throwing one heck of a party.

That’s right. This Thursday, the last meeting with business of the semester, expect soda and free food. We won’t be doing superlatives– there have been remarkably few people showing up for business lately- but we will have some fun times. Anyone with a game to run, do us a favor and hold off until 8 or so; this’ll be the last time lots of people will see each other until the fall, and some people are graduating, moving away, or otherwise will not be returning. Give them a chance to say goodbye, catch a quick card game, etc. I’ll be bringing out, and running, Werewolf, among other games.

Saturday is the last meeting of the semester, period. There’s a warhammer’s tournament– doubles, 1500 points per player, $5 per player– but for everyone not in it, just show up. We’ll come up with something.

As a last note: If you have ANYTHING out of the office right now, RETURN IT BY THURSDAY. Or we WILL track you down.

That’s all.

For the last time in a rant, and for the last time ever as your Gaming Club Secretary,

Game on!


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