Hello one and all!This week there really isn’t too much to bring up.
  • The Haunted Walk is this weekend! We will be finding out this week who has cars and how many they can fit in them. We will also be organizing a time to go down and a time to come back. Remember; if you signed up to take part in the Haunted Walk you MUST ATTEND this weekend.
  • In two weeks there will be the Counting Candy/Halloween Costume fundraiser! Be at club next week to sign up for tabling hours.
  • There is a possibility of a draft Magic the Gathering tournament coming up. We’ll let you know more as we find out more.
  • The blood drive is coming up next Monday and Tuesday! Go to the Student Activities office if you want to volunteer! (This DOES count towards your community volunteer hours.) Note: Giving blood does not count toward your community volunteer hours.
  • We have a possible guest of honor for Econo-Con! Show up to club to find out who! We are still taking suggestions for our guest of honor!!

  • ATTENTION COMMITTEE CHAIRS: You all at one point or another need to talk to Adam during his office hours ( Tues & Thurs Noon to 2pm ).

  • Keep in mind if you have any questions/comments/concerns don’t be afraid to come talk to a gaming club officer or Randy (up in the print shop.) We will have the anonymous slips coming up soon, but if you feel the need to do so before then mail an enclosed paper (or envelope) to Suite Box A30. (You can do this by giving it to the person working at the Mail Center or dropping it off in the properly labeled mail slot.)

  • Note: If you sign up for anything you are giving club your word that you WILL be there. Also; there are only two slots open at a time for tabling. This means getting hours is on a first-come first-serve basis. There will be no signing up for hours that aren’t free. If both slots for one time are taken try another time.

/end rantrantrantrant


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