Dover Zombie Walk

Fellow undead of the PSU Gaming Club. I’m posting this so you all know of the awesome fun that is the Dover Zombie Walk. Dress up as Zombies and freak out the local populous. What’s better than that. :-) See below for details.

This is it! The moment you’ve been waiting for while trapped in your grave, ravenous for brains! The third annual Dover Zombie Walk will descend upon Dover on Saturday, October 25 at 3 p.m.! Dust the grave soil off your finest zombie threads, brush the ichor off your teeth and practice your best zombie voice (you know the one–that low moan-growl that issues forth from your dessicated throat when you spot a tasty brain)–the Dover Zombie Walk is coming and it cannot be stopped!

You need details, you say? Of course! Zombi-fied adults and children should gather at Silver Moon Creperie (located at 20 3rd Street, adjacent to The Strand theater) at 3 p.m.–free hot mulled cider will be available for all ghouls preparing for the walk. We’ll set off down Central Ave. beginning at 3 p.m. and will walk down to Adelle’s Coffee House. A corpse-tacular celebration will follow, complete with refreshments, a zombie costume contest and a Jell-O “brain” eating contest. The best-dressed and hungriest zombies will walk away with fabulous prizes, including gift certificates to Nellie Woe’s Comics ‘N Such, Silver Moon Creperie, Adelle’s Coffee House, and SecondRun Books in Portsmouth, a fabulous Dan Blakeslee poster and much more!

Come in your zombie finery, but remember, this is an all ages event, so keep things somewhat appropriate (but still spooky!). We ask that all zombies, regardless of age, obey all traffic laws (lest a wayward motorist turn you into a real zombie) and be respectful of any pedestrians that may be on the sidewalk. Yes, their living flesh practically demands to be chewed upon, but please be courteous.

Need more information? Send us an email at!

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