The Rant!

Welcome to a brand new semester at Plymouth State University! I am your new secretary, John Rescigno! I hope you like my rants!

This week:
CLUB WILL BEGIN AT EIGHT TONIGHT. NOT SEVEN. Sorry to those of you who this inconveniences, but not really.

well, since this is the beginning of the semester, there is not much to report or warn you all about! more to come!

Game on!

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Final Rant!!!

Hello Gamers!

This is the least official week of club, and this will be my final Rant this year as Secretary. Next year though, you will be in good hands with:

President: Alex Myerson
Vice President: Dylan Dinger
Treasurer: Dylan Melvin
Secretary: John Rescigno

LARP Chair: Peter Duffy
Card Game Chair: Emily "Chi" Hayes
Vice Chair: Eddie Lazdowski
Video Game Chair: Shane Smith
Vice Chair: Lafe Bannister
War Gaming Chair: Robert Disbrow

Next year will also be the first year with GameOniCon 2015 with a "monsters" theme. (There was a vote in regards to Econocon sounding like and economics convention rather than an economical convention). Start thinking of art and start sending it in! It will be due withing the first month of school next year so take some time this summer to design art for Con! (t-shirts, banners, posters, mugs, you know, all purpose Con art)

Have a great summer everyone, and farewell!

Loud One

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The Rant!!!

Hello Gamers!

We’re having elections, so PLEASE make sure to show up so we have quorum!

Here are the nominees:

Alex Myerson
Peter Duffy
Vice President
Dylan Dinger
Shane Smith
Dylan Melvin
John Rescigno
LARP Chair
Ryan Carmody
John Rescigno
War Gaming Chair
Robbie Disbrow
Card Gaming Chair
Eddie Lazdowski
Billy Fifield
Chi Hayes
Video Gaming Chair
Lafe Bannister

They will each have a quick speech prepared along with a few minutes for answering questions. Please show up ready to vote with concerns for next year!

Also, as it is the 3rd Thursday of the month, we’re playing Fighting Games tonight.

See you all tonight

The Loud One

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The Rant!!!

Good Morning Gamers!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who helped out with and attended Econocon 17! Things went very smoothly and I especially want to thank our non-officer volunteers who helped set up and table:
Al Hutchinson
Mindy Young
Chelsey May
Crystal Armstead
Rosie Legge
and Moon

Thank you all!

Now that this big event has passed, it’s time to start thinking about Econocon 2015!

Part of this is voting on next year’s theme (we got some good suggestions at Con), so come with some ideas for Thursday’s meeting.

Another part of next year’s planning is Officer Elections!

This Thursday (the 10th) we will hold nominations for officer positions. Nominations must be made by someone other than the nominee and seconded in club by another member, so if you’re interested in being an officer, let your friends know (or conversely, tell them not to nominate you if you’re not interested). If nominated, you may accept or decline the nomination. If you accept your nomination, you have until Thursday the 17th to prepare a speech (no pressure though), and elections will be held that meeting.

Officer Positions available are :
Vice President
LARP Chair
Card Game Chair
Video Game Chair
War Game Chair
And Econocon Chair

With election season on our hands, it meas we will need quorum, so please everyone show up these two meetings especially!!!

This week’s Themed Thursday Video Game is Racing Games.

See you all in club this Thursday for nominations!

The Loud One

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The Pre-Econocon Rant!

Hello Gamers!

As you all know, Econocon XVII is this weekend! Woooooo!

That means if you want to get reduced prices on tickets and cool swag, you need to preregister before this Thursday! I have attached the Pre-Reg Book, and here is the website where you can Pre-Reg online:

Remember, game registration is optional, but recommended so DMs and Game Coordinators can prepare in advance.

There is also an option to defer payment and pay the Pre-Reg price at the door when you check in, but you do actually have to Pre-Reg or we will charge you full price.

Additionally, if you would like free entry to Econocon, you can help out with 4 volunteer hours before or during the Con. We have tabling in the HUB from 12-2 this week if anyone is interested and I am still accepting tabling volunteers both days for all times (Fri 6pm-midnight, Sat 8am-midnight, Sun 8am-5). Please email me before Thursday if you would like to get signed up for volunteer hours. We will also be taking volunteers on Thursday in Club.

This week’s Themed Thursday Video Game is 1st person shooters. Bring a game you like or play what we have in club.

See you all at club, and see you all this weekend at Econocon XVII!

The Loud One


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Pre Registration Forms

For those of you interested in going to Econocon, Pre Reg forms are live at Please mail any forms to 19 Highland Ave Suite A30 in Plymouth, NH. If you do not wish to mail payment, a Paypal equivalent should be up shortly

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The Rant!

Good Evening Gamers!

It appears the weather has held, so we will be having an official gaming club tonight! Yay!

Today is week 2 of Themed Thursdays for Video Games with Racing Games! Bring one if you have one or come play what we have!

There is also a Hearthstone Tournament tonight with a $5 buy-in, so don’t forget to bring your laptops if you’re interested.

Week 1 of the Journeyman League is over, so participants only have 1 week left to paint minis and battle 3 opponents, so bring your armies too!

Before all the fun stuff though, we’re doing a bit of voting, so please show up so we can make quorum (that’s 14 of you paid members). Specifically tonight we will be voting on an amendment to allow long-term community members to have general membership status.

The original passage reads:

III, 2, C. Community Members: Must pay dues when levied and may participate in all club activities, but will have no voting rights and may not run for or hold any officer position. Gaming Club funds cannot be used directly to fund any community membership participation events. Community Members must be sponsored by a General Member, who will bear the responsibilities for the community member and his or her actions within Gaming Club related affairs.

The amendment: If a community member has been a paid member of club for 10 years or more, they earn the ability to vote in club.

Thanks everyone! See you tonight!

The Loud One

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